Abresan Tolou Mehr Company in a glance 

Abresan Tolou Mehr Company, with more than twenty three years history and great record, as one of the best reputable and famous producers of the country in the field of designing, manufacturing and producing all and every kind of under pressure industrial valves, cast iron and steel joints, has had widespread activities and is honored to cooperate with respective organizations all over the country in order to achieve self-sufficiency and independency as well as supply the requirements of different projects in the field of water and wastewater, water supply and agriculture, and fortunately, this company is one of the reputable and reliable producers and suppliers approved by Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Energy, Gas Companies as well as Municipalities all over the country regarding the products quality and observance of related required standards and obligations of related contracts.

In today’s competitive and advanced world, success and supremacy of each organization in its field of activity is dependent upon several¬†factors such as thinking, knowledge, experience and creativity in management, faith to the principle of …

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Sand Grading Analysis

Sand is one of the items which has significant importance in casting. In order to reach the appropriate quality at casting parts surface, we need sand with diverse grading based on the parts’ weight. So, first and before offloading, the …

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Examining melted chemical compounds

The melted chemical compounds provided for manufacturing the parts before and after Sphericalization process is determined upon preparing special flakes through Spectrophotometry method …

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The activities of this division include

Analyzing chemical compound of consumed scrap Based on the effect of scrap chemical compound and other metal materials used for melting, on the quality of products regarding the microstructures …

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In order to examine the microstructures of the parts produced in the company, several samples of each melting part are taken in accordance with the proposal of American Foundry Society (AFS) and they will be prepared …

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Indentation Hardness is one of the other tests performed to control the mechanical properties of the products, manufactured by this company. Therefore, samples related to hardness Test from each melting part …

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Tensile test is one of the destructive tests, in which the standard manufactured sample will be put under one-dimensional tension up to breaking point. Thus, the test output is a Stress-strain curve that will be …

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Last Products

Privileges / values

– Following professional conduct and ethics, trust, sense of responsibility and economic health.

– Following honesty, commitment, curtsy and mutual respect.

– Customer-orientation through making and keeping continuous relation with customers as …

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– Promoting brand for achieving top place in national and international market by presenting high quality products to the customers with full liability for the beneficiaries

– Preserving and promoting the top and leading position in national and international markets in the related industrial fields as well as presenting the more after …

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Outlook / Vision

– Preserving and promoting the quality, quantity and diversity of the products as well as domestic and foreign market share, as a leading and reputable company of the market in valve manufacturing industry

– Concentrating, following and increasing the process of research & development and innovation …

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ABRESAN TOLOU MEHR CO. Manufacturer of industrial under pressure valves, joints and fittings.







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Office Tel: 009821-88178917
 Fax: 009821-88760700  Factory Tel: 009821-36426220


Central Office: Tehran, Shariati Street, after Hweizah, corner of Mahbay, No. 856, first floor, unit 4 Postal Code: 1558836714

Factory Office:
Tehran, 35 km Imam Reza Road, Sherifabad Traffic Police, Abbasabad Industrial City, End of Boulevard Ibn Sina, Kushawaran Street, Koshawaran 18, No. 2589



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