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 ABRESAN TOLOU MEHR CO. Manufacturer of industrial under pressure valves, joints and fittings.

In The Name of God

In today’s competitive and advanced world, success and supremacy of each organization in its field of activity is dependent upon several factors such as thinking, knowledge, experience and creativity in management, faith to the principle of commitment and specialty-orientation; meanwhile, efficient and responsible manpower has, also, one of the predominant and important roles in its special place in promotion of that organization, because, the personnel of the organization are the active forces and they considered as main effective factors in the economic cycle of that complex, without whom, the other two factors, capital and machineries, may not work and result in economic stagnancy and investment wastes. It is worth mentioning that experience, specialty, job commitment and sense of responsibility of the manpower have always been the important effective features in election of the personnel of an organization and business that shall be specifically paid attention to. Fortunately and with honor, the top managers and official directors of ATM company, with more than two decades significant and profitable experience and services alongside the great glorious record, believe that manufacturing and supplying top quality products and services to the customers and applicant shall always be according to the mentioned factors, because the development and promotion of this company in valve manufacturing industry during its activity course, has been initially indebted to relying on capable and specialized manpower together with sincere attempts with commitment and sense of responsibility of all the managers and valuable personnel of this industrial complex plus application of equipment, installment, advanced machineries and update technology of the world.

The complex always does the best to take steps with full commitment for ever-increasing promotion of the quality level based on the world’standards and with upraising the management standards, as well as the more growth of interaction, coordination, synergy, attempts and responsibility of the personnel to achieve and perform the determined principles and objectives, exactly and to attract the more satisfaction of the customers and beneficiaries, and so to provide the more superiority for the organization. In order to codify developmental policies and strategies for achieving the ultimate goals of ATM Company, which is creating highest values for the customers and also their best and most satisfaction, they put this goal on top of their program. In this regard, increasing productivity, optimizing continuously, promoting technical knowledge and technology, decreasing cost and supplying high quality products with competitive prices as well as increasing domestic and foreign market share plus active presence at target markets aiming to preserve and promote the place and brand of the company, as a dominant and paramount company in the field of valve manufacturing industry all over the world, are the important and targeted objectives and have always been the priorities and interesting plans of the senior directors of this complex. Fortunately and with God’s help, we honor to always be a considerable and reputable company with National Standard Sign and different international certificates, and emphasizing on excellent valuable experiences of the members of this business plus consecutive attempts and efforts of the sympathetic personnel and managers of this complex, and have significant participation in supplying needs, and performing plans and projects in the field of water, wastewater, agriculture, etc. inside and outside the country We wish this industrial manufacturing complex to have effective role in development, preservation and promotion of the environment and community health as well as employment and entrepreneurship regarding the efficient force of our dear homeland.

Mohammadreza Mehri

Managing Director & Member of the Board.

ABRESAN TOLOU MEHR CO. Manufacturer of industrial under pressure valves, joints and fittings.




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