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 ABRESAN TOLOU MEHR CO. Manufacturer of industrial under pressure valves, joints and fittings.



Abresan Tolou Mehr Company in a glance

Abresan Tolou Mehr Company, with more than twenty three years history and great record, as one of the best reputable and famous producers of the country in the field of designing, manufacturing and producing all and every kind of under pressure industrial valves, cast iron and steel joints, has had widespread activities and is honored to cooperate with respective organizations all over the country in order to achieve self-sufficiency and independency as well as supply the requirements of different projects in the field of water and wastewater, water supply and agriculture, and fortunately, this company is one of the reputable and reliable producers and suppliers approved by Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Energy, Gas Companies as well as Municipalities all over the country regarding the products quality and observance of related required standards and obligations of related contracts.

In order to supply the needs of different parts of water and wastewater and other organizations presenting urban services such as electricity, telecommunication, gas sections and municipalities all over the country and development of self-sufficiency, and regarding their goal in this regard, Abresan Tolou Mehr Company, in 1996, started the activities by establishing a manufacturing factory in Hamedan to successfully produce and manufacture all and every kinds of cast iron hatchs for , water and wastewater manholes and electricity, gas, telecommunication, etc. hatches as well plus several cast iron joints, and obtained several approvals and standards; aiming for quality promotion strategy and customers’ full satisfaction as well as developmental objectives, the company has been capable of presenting significant services all over the country and has achieved a considerable position among leading manufacturers and producers of the country in a relatively short term. Respecting the increase of demand for products manufactured by Abresan Tolou Mehr Company, plus developmental plans and programs for diversifying and manufacturing new products, also market need and special attention of the authorities of the company for supplying applicants’ needs and ever-increasing independency and self-sufficiency, while performing required planning and studies and preparing executive plans for production line development and considering space limitations and capacity in Hamedan Manufacturing plant , in 2001, they took action for incorporating and establishing a new manufacturing factory with much more area and capacity in a plot of land, measuring 22000 sq. m., including six Industrial halls with different areas of 2000, 1500 and 500 sq. m. including manufacturing sections (molding, Core manufacturing, melting, casting, machining, painting and assembling), electrical installations, and buildings of technical, and engineering sections, designing, quality control Lab., administrative and welfare services, in Tehran suburb at Abbasabad Industrial Zone for performing developmental plan. It is worth mentioning that, in the new and modern factory with advanced equipment, including Induction furnace, casting equipment, CNC and milling modern machinery, hydrostatic test equipment, painting etc., and well-equipped quality control lab., designing and engineering units, plus having a full personnel part of experienced and specialized engineers and experts under supervision of the respective experts, the Die casting parts, Bolted Gland Flanged joints, as well as joints made in ductile cast iron, gray cast iron and all types of anti-theft ductile cast iron hatch, steel joints from 80 to 2000 mm, steel strainers with different shapes, and all types of industrial valves with different sizes based on ISO related standards, are manufactured and supplied under control and direct supervision of the authorities, as OV well as experienced and specialized experts, with full accuracy based on request of the applicants and customers as per particulars determined by them.

ABRESAN TOLOU MEHR CO. Manufacturer of industrial under pressure valves, joints and fittings.







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Office Tel: 009821-88178917
 Fax: 009821-88760700  Factory Tel: 009821-36426220


Central Office: Tehran, Shariati Street, after Hweizah, corner of Mahbay, No. 856, first floor, unit 4 Postal Code: 1558836714

Factory Office:
Tehran, 35 km Imam Reza Road, Sherifabad Traffic Police, Abbasabad Industrial City, End of Boulevard Ibn Sina, Kushawaran Street, Koshawaran 18, No. 2589



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